The future is not what you expect...

We cannot know what the future will bring. We can learn how to shape it and develop our fitness to respond to it.


We can seek to understand the past and present more fully in order to identify the waves of change that we can surf to bring us to the future shoreline we prefer. Like the skills involved in surfing, there are proven ways of thinking and behaving that will give us the ability to pivot in an uncertain and volatile world.


We can stand on the shoulders of giants as we access the best of what is available globally and across history.

I have curated the lessons and approaches that underpin what I have tried, learned and implemented in my practice of doing innovation, transformation, continuous improvement and change in organisations and present it to you. This body of work will be added to over time as I document my learning and devise ways to communicate it.


I hope my insights and ideas will be useful.  

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